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Everybody loves pancakes

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Today we learn about car safety. Did you know that you can't pull somebody over if he's not a car? Cosby learns that and many more things, today on Oprah.

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what is the point of it?

The story has no PLOT!!!

There was no pancakes in that!!

still, aside from the lack of pancakes, it was interesting. but i was still expecting pancake clocks! not bill cosby!

SalmonBerryClock responds:

glad you liked it


It was awsome! But whats with the voices?

SalmonBerryClock responds:

ATT natural voices lol

This sucked

Makea new name and make some stuff that isnt a waste of time. Im sure you have the ability.

SalmonBerryClock responds:

You didn't like it? Did you remember to press play? That helps.