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Celibate Stationery

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Well I guess this is some what of an arty piece for me...if you can call it that. I'm going into animation professionally and need to practice, and I had to hand in some multimedia college work, so thinking on my feet, here is the finished result of that venture. To start off, those advertise logos are not real, basically to get the marks in the college assignment, I had to include them. This is my first cartoon created using traditional animation, as in every frame of Celibate the rabbit (that’s its name by the way) is individually drawn, instead of the tweaking thing I usually do. Through this process, I've gotten pretty good at it. Was hard at first, but eventually became easy and a lot more pleasing. I look forward to doing all my animation (after Pethetic episode 2) like this. So I am going to be much more professional from now on...after Pethetic episode 2.

“What about Pethetic episode 2?” You are asking (those of you who are not asking about Star Wars, AHHRRRR), well so far we have over 15 minutes of animation completed, and I will be posting it on this fine site, around the summer time, or before, depending on how fast I can complete the remaining 5 or so minutes. I want to get it perfect because I will be using it to pitch the show to the UK TV people (or whoever else is interested), in order to try and get a series on the air. Thanks to all of you for all the support, Newgrounds is truly a great place full of great people.

As for Star Wars AFP part 2…well I can’t see it really happening, I completed the first two scenes way back in 2005, and now almost 2 years have passed. I plan to get those out there after I have completed Pethetic episode 2, but anything after that is unlikely. I’m sorry for letting you guys down, but the recent changes in my life have opened up new doors for me to go through, and in order to do that, I have to leave behind some unfinished projects. You have to understand that animation takes a long time; I spent 4 months putting together the first part, and I just now lack the passion to spend that amount of time (or probably more then that) on that particular series again. If anyone out there is interested in animating any future parts, or whatever, then by all means get in touch and I can be as much or as little involved as you want.

Ok hope you enjoy this cartoon. I worked on this on the side, and spent a couple of months off and on putting it together, while still animating Pethetic part 2 at the same time. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in the reviews (I read them all, and will respond if you ask me something) or send me a PM on that new fancy NG email thingy.

Have fun and look out for Pethetic episode 2 (not sure If I mentioned it yet) coming soon.

Thanks again

Mike L

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this ROCKS TOO HARDLY THIS IS GOODER THAN MANY MOVIES but i stil lke the star wars ones more


i didnt watch it, but...



silentmike86 responds:

Wow thanks :)

I'll ignore the audio... lol

Superb! Crazy good and thoroughly enjoyable animtion. Loved it.

What's wrong with the audio?

I don't know what the previous review was about saying the audio sucked. It sounded good to me. Very original and well drawn. Only part of the audio I didn't like was the pencil screaming. I had to turn speakers down for that part. lol

Overall great flash. Great original piece of work.


omfg you really need to work on your AUDIO .... i had to turn my speakers right off man that was disgusting... awesome animating thou... horrible sound if you could get that fixed you'd have yourself a winner here..... and when i say winner i mean..... ummm.... something that wins stuff like prizes and gift certificates to places you'll never go to.... ah well good work... just work on the audio .... i dunno if it's from the recording or just flash or w/e but look into that and fix it