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Short GFX-Tut

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coolburn (Thanks!!)
EyeLovePoozy (Thanks!!)

A short tutorial! :D

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Thats not a fu*king game.

BOOOOO damit.

not bad

that was an alright tutorial. it had some decent pointers to it... though i think that some more work could've been done for this one.


The only reason which made me vote 1 instead of 0 is the song.

Don't make "How-to" tutorials when you don't even know how to draw.

If people can't draw noses, and at least eyes, they can draw stick figures to improve flash skills. Then they can focus on the Hand-Drawing, which is Eons better than shapes.

And oh, if you think stick figures are made for noobs, please watch the Castle III series, or at least Xiao-Xiao.

not bad.......>

could be longer though. I liked it even though it was short.

the point of a tutorial is your helping peopl

that will do nothing to help people, hand drawn is always better then shapes and you definately don't need to be a great animator to know that, you just don't have to be a noob, basically you just drew shapes and moulded them, all noobs do this (no offence, even i did it) so your actually teaching a tutorial about how to be a noob at flash (noob is not a hate word here its a describing word) you have potential but none of that helped me at all, the blinking was especially poor, and i didn't think much of the way you said that looks better rather then it's easier to do. because it doesnt look better. sorry but i voted 0 cause it didn't help me, just made me laugh about how someone so new and well... not very good at flash (for now ;)) was trying to teach others, for now you should be reading the tutorials, not making them, get better, than teach.

also it was way to short
you just showed eyes and clouds, that is really quite useless. look back on this and laugh some day for it's poor. your better then shapes, practise hand drawn, trust me, it works
sooooooooooooo much better, and you actualy improve