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An instructional video for my BTEC Media course.

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One word... >_<

Subtittles! :P

good one

that was a pretty good animation. very innovative, good drawings and graphics, nice audio and voices... especially the voices, they were pretty good, a cool concept to it, and it offered some pretty nice and unique entertainment.
good work on this one, it was good.

Most informative!

Sweet use of style, and actually taught me something! I was very pleased with my perchase :p
Thank you for explaining electricity in specific!

Good Demonstration

While I'm not going to question facts (the information was very dead-on), I got to say this was a cool little broadcast. There are a few issues here and there, though.

Graphics are an 8. From the outset, the cartoony look helps simplify and digest the information quickly.

Style is a 6. It could have been a little more humorous at times; it is terribly cut and dry in terms of presentation, and while that may be intentional, it makes note-taking and learning a little difficult.

Sound is a 5. While the sound effects and music are okay, they often overpower the narrator. The narrator doesn't inflect or throw a voice well enough to make it distinct, so it's easy to foul up and miss a few words here and there, especially since the volume levels are imbalanced. The fact that these are incorporated at all is good, however.

Violence is 0 (inappropriate anyway, given the context).

Interactivity is 0, which may or may not hurt the presentation given the medium. If this is just a playback, then it's to be understandable. If this can be upgraded to an interactive style, the classroom can retain a lot more from the material.

Humor is 4. The beginning of the movie and the presentation style are both quirky, but again, that narrator is terribly dry.

Overall is a 5. In terms of what you had, a few things need to be improved before you can really make this thing hum. You're on the right track, though.


this was awesome. your info was dead on. i doubt this will rate highly though because many people on this site are idiots and heaven forbid they watch something informative.

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Mar 21, 2007
6:23 PM EDT