Tetris 7

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Please report me any bug ;)

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Very Good

This is Tetris, an amazing game, and don't listen to the other people who moan at you, think of it this way. you worked hard, time and effort into making this, and they spend less than 30 seconds whining, keep up the good work.


[][][][] [][][][] [][][][] [ ]
[] [] [] [] [] [] [ ]
[] [] [] [] [] [] [ ]
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DEFINITE BUGS!!! H4X!1!!! fix the bugs please!

dude.... I click high scores and test your I.Q and neither of them do anything. Whether before the game or in-game, I can do nothing but play the game and after gameover, still clicking test my iq does nothing!1

The pieces do not flow down and spin-tucks are redonkylous to perform- if even at all possible.GAY! [] []
[] []
[][][][][] [][][][] [][][] [] [][]
[] [] [] []
[] [] [][]
[][][] [][][]
[] []
I did not get any of these pieces in the entire time


The game music sucks. Say game music 3x fast. GAY'M'USIC

keep working on it, u'll have a magical challenging supertris game or w/e it should be called.

lol there is no hold piece or see many pieces in advance. retro challenge


Ok but no much new

that isn't tetris by definition

okay game, but one major flaw to anybody that knows what's so special about tetris.
In a real game of tetris, all the pieces are made of only 4 blocks
you have many pieces with five blocks. Tetra is the latin word for 4, thus the name tetris, if you're going to have a game like tetris but with pieces made of more than four blocks, you can't call it tetris or anything with the word tetris in it without using a misnomer or a name that is misleading. Call it someting else like "block eliminator" and in the author comments box tell them why you didn't use the word tetris in the name.
Wait a minute, you're probably never gonna read this so what's the point?

zian responds:

I read it ;)
Thanks for this information.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2007
5:21 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling