Mortal Kombat Komic Adven

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It Is The Final Bettle Between Sub-Zero And Scorpion But Scorpion is Not Afraid As He Knows Something No One Else Has Even Contemplated He Knows Sub-Zero's Secret

This Took Me 7 Hours To Make And Im Very Happy With It Please Vote Fairly And I Hope You Enjoy


not bad

i thought it was kinda clever and im glad u used rain since he isnt a very well known character

Majin-Bebi-Fruuzer responds:

Thank you Im Glad You Enjoyed It and Thanks For The Quite high score to Much Appriciated :)

It was alright.

Asides from the bad spelling on a few of the words, there weren't that many problems with the movie. After all it WAS a sprite movie, and depending on your skill level they will either be good or bad, however this one was in the middle. The sound effects were good, and the graphics were alright for a sprite movie. However there wasn't any real story to it, and it was kinda short.

Bottom Line: Not a horrible movie but not great movie, just "average."

Majin-Bebi-Fruuzer responds:

Thank you for your review i appriciate it as you can tell spellin aint my strong point and im sure you noticed i changed the C's to K's on perpose anyway this is the first major sprite movie i have done and gettin an average rating is good for me i have never had much luck on here i hope this submision turns things around allows me to have a perminent submission on newgrounds anyway thank you again

Craig Barnes

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1.78 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2007
10:38 AM EDT
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