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This is the demo version of the upcoming complete Samurai Fun,
Its a spoof from Samurai Kirby. For now just play the demo and lemme know what you think, and again I ask that you be merciful, please.

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nice demo, but a demo is pointless if you never release the game, aside from that, good timing game it's a bit easy, but maybe the fulll version would have been bettter if you'd have ever made it.

Nice twist on fastest draw, but there wasn't enuf

You shouldn't have submitted this as it isn't the finished version and I feel that demos/trailers/previews/unfinished work don't deserve to be submitted to Newgrounds as they are not the finished version, you should wait until you finish something before deciding to submit it.

Demo/Trailer/Preview/Unfinished Work rant over.

It was a nice twist on that fastest draw thing to use samurai's instead but there just wasn't much to it at all, it was just one round and it was all over, even for a demo that was poor. It was a nice idea for a game though, I'd liked to have seen the final version of this, maybe you should finish it off now as it looked really promising, the only reason this demo was poor was due to the shortness of it, the game itself and the idea was good.

Peace Out, Afro Stud

1/5(What this game deserves in terms of how good it was)

As this game was a Demo/Trailer/Preview/Unfinished Work I shall vote 0 for it despite the fact that it earnt a higher score, sorry but those are my rules when it comes to Demos/Trailers/Previews/Unfinished Work

0/5(What I shall be voting for this submission)

Great game

I loved it. Even though you don't do anything, It's great. Too bad you never did the full version of it.


u gotta be pretty quick with this one. nice job

very nic style yet needs more enmies and more

options like try to be more like "diablo 2"
use more items and it will be perfect.

hail war.
kick bush's butt and later.
signed: the phantom

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2000
1:00 PM EDT
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