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Socom Space Adventure

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The Socom Squad's getaway rocket, the S.S. Nancy, has exploded!

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It was fun in begin but then when u play a wile it gets boring, not bad from socom squad but try harder on actionscripts there was some bugs!


Okay, I have a thesis about how this was possible:
Spam Central, which everyone visited frequently on the old forums, contained very large amounts of Sodium Biphosphodine, or NaP2I, which quickly clang to our Socom pistols, and, triggered by the explosion, began a chemical reaction which converted the element into oxygen while bacterial cell cultures that had already collected on our Socom pistols rapidly reproduced, creating even more Sodium Biphosphodine. In turn, this new Sodium Biphosphodine began converting to oxygen while the bacterial cultures continued to produce more of it.
That's how we were able to survive in the vacuum, and how I'm still alive, despite the fact that the S.S. Nancy's explosion rocked my face clean off.

It could have used a bit more substance.

The animation and graphics were great, the sound, esp. the quality, was great, but where's the plot? Add a story, and, to me, this is 5 work.

Heh, heh! Kind of funny. Was that glock-crew???

With all those characters floating around in space with guns, I guess that they are another crew, perhaps the glock-crew :-)
Now there is the clock-crew, lock-crew, and glock-crew???

The video, otherwise, didn't really deliver... But I liked the DreamWeaver song. Easly listening stuff, you know!


the title has nothing to do with the clip and the clip is nothing but some bad music and the same 7-10 objects floating by with a gun on them..... add more, add anything more and it will be better

PineappleSocom responds:

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