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Author Comments

NOTE: I've changed this a number of times since it was first submitted. As of now, I'm pretty sure it works the way I initially intended. As such, you should definitely play this again if you played it before this edit.

Avoid the various shapes while your pulse charges. Controls are in the instructions section in the game, but because I know no one ever reads that:

Arrow keys - move
Space - pulse

There are 6 different kinds of enemies. The last one can't die, so you just have to stay alive as long as possible.

Main music is Purkkaleiri (bom antiskarp) by Texas Faggot. Boss music is Du Hast by Rammstein.

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IT' SOOO KEWLLL im 8 i love gameming so i kno is awesome


It's pretty fun, but totally unplayable because there's no way to restart once you die. You just have to refresh the window.

Grent responds:

I unfortunately didn't notice this problem until the trial version of Flash I was using to fix the glitches had expired (what happened to the copy I was originally using is a long story), so it was unfortunately stuck like that until recently when I bought CS5. It's fixed now.


I love it. It's simple, but very original and entertaining.

Good place to start

First off, the concept is fairly well worked out and that's a good place to start. The controls are simple and the gameplay is actually quite fun and it kept me quite entertained.

I do think the play speed is a little slow still. It took almost forever for new enemies to appear. And also, when I died, there was no restart button or automatic restarting, or number of lives. Instead what happened was I right clicked and pressed 'play' and I could continue from where I left off - don't think you want that.

I suggest you speed up gameplay a little and add quite a bit more diversity to the gameplay. The upgrades could expand a little. I think you should actually start off with a small pulse area instead of a whole screen pulse, then have a selection of upgrades everytime you collect a powerup - like pulse range, recharge speed, movement speed etc. Diversity is what will get this game really going.

Also, try and shove in some sound effects. I'm a big advocate for sound in games. Tone down the background music a little and put in some sound effects for the pulse and enemies.

And also, I do like the idea of the 'breakdown' of enemies, but I think the enemies could do with a little more diversity. Basically they're just the same, only they take more pulses to die. Try making some enemies with maybe different move patterns or different abilities. Also, the powerups were too steep and it barely took any time to reach a point where I could charge my pulse so fast that I could sit in the middle and pulse until the boss. And since the powerups spawn in the middle, that makes it too easy as well.

And one more thing - I didn't like the idea that different types of enemies couldn't group together to form a group of 5. Like for example, killing 2 squares and 3 triangles didn't constitute a group of 5 and a powerup didn't appear. I think it should, and when that's the case, you really should scale down the powerups or think about the upgrades concept mentioned above.

A little more lengthy of a review that I intended, but there you go. It's a good start. Now you can start to build on it and make something spectacular.


sic. i suck at games though...
good shit.

Grent responds:

No matter how bad you were, I'm sure you did better than my girlfriend. She didn't even make it past 5 enemies...

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2007
11:43 PM EDT