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True or False 2

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EDIT: Star Button glitch fixed!

50 true or false question with three modes. Can you pass all your tests? The beeping noise after each question does not mean you go the question right it just means your moving on to the next question.

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But In Question 50 The Word President Is Spelled Incorrectly Anyway Fun Game ^_^


I do like the concept of a game like this but i feel you had something missing, you should have given the gamer a list of the questions that were answered correctly and the ones that weren't instead of just having a stat that said the number of questions that were answered correctly as i would have liked to know. The display was simple but was setup like i was taking an exam with the lined paper so props go out for that and the music for the background was well selected. Overall not not a fun game.


good one

that was a very nice 2nd version of your True or False game. some of the questions in this one were rather simple overall, some were difficult, and others had a little trick to them..... really needed to pay attention. this one was very nice.. good work on it, hope you make a 3rd one.

Nice start

"It is not the case that this statement is true."
Star answer: false

"This statement is not true" = "this statement is false"
If you choose false for the answer, you would make the statement true, which would make your own answer incorrect.

So, it's impossible to answer that question correctly.

As far as I know, this type of game hasn't been done before. It's nice having only two options to choose from, and I'm really glad we don't have to start at the beginning if we get one wrong! Add a few improvements and you'll have a great game.

Found a way to cheat.

Just hold down the star until it tells you your answer, then drag your cursor away from the star still holding cursor down. Then let go and answer all the question. Then go to the next question and the next and the next! Also I found some grammical errors.