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F.U.: AutoBlowBile

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On the Front Page 3/21/07 - 3/23/07.

So, yeah, I’ve grown accustomed to doing short F.U. videos…so here is the first one of 2007! This is the first of five shorts we’re planning on releasing this year – all to tide you over while we work diligently on F.U.3!

Speaking of F.U.3, this video contains a few screenshots from F.U.3, as well as a side-by-side comparison of old and new character models. This is a pretty ambitious project we are working on and don’t plan on having it finished until early to middle 2008. Trust me though when I say it’ll be worth the wait.

After that I think we’ll just do regular serials like this one. Also, the website is launching soon. I’ll announce it when it comes. It’ll feature weekly comics. Good stuff is just around the corner.

Mike Mallow.

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You know when i was in year 8 i invented an inflatable "love doll" for car lovers cause a friend of mine is car obsessed heh. Vibrating arial & gear stick and an "extra generous sleeve" inside the exhaust for you man meat hahahaha. Very well done there hahahaha.


"note to self create automotive porn site", wow genius... make more!


Well, I'm not going to say that it was good because I thought it was boring. The only I could say "it's good", it's the animation and sync of the subtitles. The rest is boring. Sorry.

rockymike responds:

Eh, not your cup of tea. Not much I can do 'bout that I guess. Thanks for the review.

Not bad...

This wasnt a bad clip. The artwork could have done with a lot of improvement and the sound was decent but the acting didn't quite suit the situation at times. It really did sound scripted. The humour pulled the flash through however. There were a few funny gags there (no pun intended) and I generally laughed so thumbs up!

rockymike responds:

Thank you. We do need more improvization in these. The scripting is good, if you can not make it sound scripted. That's the trick - one I'm still working on. Thanks for the review!


I didnt really like the mascot thing, but it was funny esspecially the part when he mocked the PS3. Good Flash Cartoon

rockymike responds:

Yeah, you kinda have to be down with other episodes to understand the mascot joke. I'm trying to find ways to include Beaner in other episodes, that was his role here. He's a humanoid coffee bean, btw. Thanks for the review!