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Infect truth...

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Nicely done with the random sentence jokes i enjoyed each one. The orange background was a nice choice as the white writing contrasted well. I thought this needed music though to be honest, some really somber piece too just to play the whole fake serious angle of the flash. Overall an entertaining watch.



^^Good Points^^
It was rather funny. I was expecting this to be a serious movie, however it turned out after a while that you were just listing pretty random stuff, which was humorous. I liked the Brooke Shileds quote.

^^Needs Improving^^
No music or anything made this kind of boring, and there was nothing great graphically either. Some of the longer blocks were a bit quick to leave the screen.

Its cool

Ok first its amazing how many people missed the point of this video...That really shows their intelligence. (Did i spell that right...well im not that smart either) Anyways i liked it ...kinda...random. Like some people said maybe adding an animation of one of the commercials would be great. And I like how there wasn't sound to it Because sound would probably ruin it anyways. It could use some work but it was pretty good. 3/5


ok so it wasnt one of the best commercials for truth, but it was sorta funny. i hope stuff like the funny quote by brooke shields keeps coming into your work. and dont make the words go away so fast. i didnt finish something, like about the cows.


omg ow!!!!!!!!!1111111 ur graphics the colors hurted my eyes a little but i do want u to continue this thing about smoking cause my uncle smokes and it's a good advantage to get him out of addiction and ty for this flash!!!!!!!11111 i gave it a 5