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Happy River

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A few months in the making, I give you Happy River.

In a riverside area, a man called Adam is on a mission to save his wife, Jacky from a riverside house only to be confronted by various enemies.
This flash contains a very complicated narrative; it starts at the end of the movie and ends at the end. The rest of the plot lies in the middle of the film.
The go with the animation, there is a whole host of music, from Badly Drawn Boy, The Flaming Lips and the audio portal's finest classical musician: MaestroSegments.

This is my longest flash to date, running for approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds!

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nice one

that was a very nice animation. this one had a very nice concept and plot to it, good drawings, nice character, good choices of audio from the audio portal... really made this one nice, some cool action and it offered some very nice entertainment... very unique. good work on this one, this one was very nice, original, and innovate. i enjoyed this one, hope it wins an award.


this movie got a four from me, would have been a three if not for the dreary ending, that made me sad. before I continue to review, I read through your response to thakillah's review, and just wanted to point out to you that the idea of "responses is not so that you can review the review (as you did) but to accept what the viewer thought of the movie, and if you have further questions about their intent, to ask them to PM you with advice on how to make the film better.

the sound was pretty good, appropriate, and it seemed as though you spent time looking at different songs to see what would fit right. However, it bugged me that when he was smashing the lock with his gun no sound came out, as with when the lock fell and bounced on the ground.

Now, the plot of this movie was somewhat lacking in parts, for example, why did the person at the door kill the other guy? why was the girl locked in a cabinet? (I know it explains in your 'authors comments', but even then it didnt seem as though the two in the house were enemies, it just seemed as though the woman was mad that adam shot her friend. )which was a bit confusing, but I got the idea that once the girl and the guy died they were happy in "happy river".

The frame by frame animation at the beginning wasnt bad, but when the person *adam* was walking towards the locked cabinet with the camera angle on the side, it was pretty bad. especially how his shoulders moved and how they were connected to his body. the mouth on the girl when she was about to be shot was pretty clearly a very simple motion tween, and when te woman was holding the shotgun and the camera was staring down the barrels, I was honestly confused at what she was holding.
the ideas behind it sort of won out over all, but the animation could definitely be improved upon. Oh! just remembered, the way you had it zoom in from (I think it was) the girls whole body to just her eye was really nice, but it was ruined *in my opinion* by the recycled eye movieclip or graphic. well, you know, the eye sequence where it cryed. Lastly on the animation note, Adam looked very different from the side than he did from the front, almost so much you couldnt tell it was him.

The menu was nice, I appreciate when people take the time to do something interesting with the preloader, as well as add a scene selection thing, which adds points to the scorre just for general niceness. Again, the complicated plot structure and the ideas won out, but the graphics could really be improved. I gave it 4/5, but now if I could go back, I'd probably give it like, a two or a three.


by the way, if you feel that anything I've said is rude or unfair in any way, feel free to badmouth any of my submissions in response. ;)

M4KBOT responds:

Best review ever.

good work

i liked the style of animation, and the idea was good, but the plot was too "big". how the chick get into the closet aand what is with the dude at the start? other thatn that good flash

M4KBOT responds:

Well, I might as well tell people the plot line now, so people read this:


The guy you see at the start is the guy who raids the house, hes called Adam. The happy river bit is actually in Purgatory and Adam is there with his wife, Jacky as seen right at the end. You don't see Jacky at the beginning because it would give the whole twist away.

The house which Adam raids belongs to the two people who have captured Jacky. Johnathan gets shot by Adam, as Adam does not have the heart to shoot the women first. The women runs off and hides. Adam eventually goes into the house and immediately sees a wardrobe, which Jacky is in. After Adam rescues Jacky from the wardrobe, they both get shot by the women who went to hide. After this point the film goes to the point were Adam and Jacky are both in Purgatory and their headstones are visible.

An original idea was for me to have Johnathan emerging out of the river right at the end and getting Adam, but I decided not to.

Hope this has cleared a few things up, I know it was a very complicated movie, PM me if you're still unsure about things, thanks a lot.

A flash that makes you say"WTF!!!" in a bad way

This is a flash that makes you say "WTF!!!" in a bad way this movie sucks but maybe it will stay in the portal it isn't that bad

M4KBOT responds:

maybe it will stay in the portal

what on earth are you talking about?! Of course it will stay in the portal! As for the review, it was awful, you didn't go into any of the sub categories and you basically repeated what you said in the top bit in the main but, but just added more words, learn how to review!

It was good but confusing

it seems like there was more thought behind the plot, but it wasn't shown in the movie. over all it is pretty nice but the sound has some minor problems with volume. Other than that it was fine. Dont listen to that other guy.