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goddamn aliens stealing my goddamn cream corn!!


fuckin sweet dude

animation was a little choppy, could use some work, skateboard looked a little cheap, it was great besides that. also, though, their eyes were kinda too big for their heads... yeah....


Well i like your take on an old flash technique, usually these ones are based on a character the author doesn't like and you can do several things to inflict pain and most often death to the character. I like how you added some more depth to this idea by giving me various skaters to choose from and then giving me two options for each of them, i have to say that the coin one was a favorite of mine. I would have liked the music to have stopped when i had chosen my option so that you could have added in sound effects. The animation was good and the characters were simple but detailed enough for the purpose they served. Overall a nice change to the norm and a creative idea.


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FragMonkey responds:

lol well im just experimenting really
my flash skill does need to build
and yes, in retrospec having no sound effects and just a song was a poor choice
i will definatly have to do that next time
Thanks for the review Hamy-jamy!

not good

ya it's no good first off learn atleat how tricks look you don't perform a trick and then spaz out while u hold it and secondly as a skater my self this seems to offend my idk why...also the main menu i stared at it for like 10 min before i clicked on the heads

FragMonkey responds:

well ya another review on the button thing
my bad
im going to remember that
and if your a skater
(cause i have skater friends myself)
you normally dont get offended
you normally try to offend others
thanks for the review ELITE-101

not bad

the interactivity is nice, but might i suggest putting a little "directions" or something, because I was half a second away from 0ing it for just stopping on one frame and not doing anything. but on my way to close the window i noticed my mouse went over a link in the frame. after that, it was fine.

keep up the good work!

FragMonkey responds:

ah i see
another thing to improve on
thanks for the review Malachy!

Crazy Skateboarders...

Yes I did indeed enjoy this. It would probably be better if you drew your own explosions, but whatever. A-okay, jose!

FragMonkey responds:

ya i wish i could draw them myself
but i can never get it right!
but i'll try next time
thanks for the review Mary-lou!

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3.18 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
3:40 PM EDT
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