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Zelda: Pokemon of Courage

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EDIT: I uploaded this many years ago, and as of now, it no longer reflects my current skill level. However, I'll keep it up here. Keep it as a reminder of who i was years back and how much i have improved.


YEAH, 10,000 views, thank you everybody, I love you guys, even though I have no idea who you are.

Episode#1 "Navi Shut up".
After saving Hyrule for the 50th time, Link decides to put his sword aside and begin his new dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. But first he has to get a Pokemon, problem is he sleeps in and is left with one that has a dark secret within its heart.

1- Working on Ep.2, I am half way through making it.

2- I have just put up a newer version of the episode. Still no voices and I removed the deku nut intermission because people didn't like it and I started to dislike it. I changed it with a regular intermission screen. I also edited a few grammer errors. I changed the intro to be more serious instead of link screaming, and also changed my logo screen.

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not bad

waiting for the second one :P

best quote tho was
"Not responsible for items stolen during wasted time."

also your open into hyrule field was actually a scene from lake hylia :P

Griffinflash responds:

sorry to tell you, i abandoned this project back in highschool.


not bad i like the end when hekeep's saying SHUT UP!!!! it's just funny you need to make more episode's like this oh yeah poeple know me for this so T_T there i did it T_T T_T T_T oh yeah i give this a 6 out of 10

Great job!!!!!!!

If i could i would give it 20 stars. You combined two of my favorite games and show together and made it work. it was really funny. Please make another one. that would be so cool if link has a voiice in the second one. A really nice video.


but, there's just one thing. how come you made Link curse in an E rated video?