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PME Tutorial

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Author Comments

Full Title - Pretty Much Everything I Know Tutorial


Well, this is my tutorial. I've worked on it for 5 hours so far, and it's always updated when I can get to it. So...erm...vote fair!

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Sry but u dont know enougth about flash to make a tutorial...
Or u have made the begginer tut all to nooby...
Well, sum1 perhaps learnt somthing new

rox0rz24 responds:

Thanks? I'll add stuff soon. Once I learn more...

wont help any 1

it doesnt explain anything

rox0rz24 responds:



I was going to rant and rave about how the "pretty much everything tutorial" was basically the "pretty much nothing" tutorial but it looks like somebody already beat me to it. Needs more "tutorial"....

rox0rz24 responds:

Lol. Thanks.

try again

I could make something like this but to be a good tutorial you need completion and rarely used ideas. You have none of thouse but I know you can. I'm guessing you spent less than a day, or mabey even less than an hour on this. This will probably pass because over half the people on this site suppirsing don't even have flash, but, I think you should try again. and Next time don't stop until you truely don't know anything else and can't find anything else on all the other tutorials. This could be a very helpful guide. Next time also think about trying a diffrent name because 1. I know thats not everything you know, 2. I came into this tutorial knowing it would be bad, and 3. You need somthing short enough so that you can fit it without someone having to click on it first.

graphics: most of the buttons ether didn't line up, didn't work, or you needed to click on the letters insted of the buttons (that makes it hard)
style: its not like your the first person to make a tutorial
sound: I didn't relise but I have the computer muted so the zero might not be your fault
violence: uhhhh duh
interactivity: see graphics
humor: I liked the hippie dude.

hope this helps

rox0rz24 responds:

Thanks for the positive review. Erm...I don't really know what else to say. Thanks for the character feedback?

Too much missing from the little that's there

Everything you know is basically four tutorials?

Ok, my first complaint is something that annoys me on so many flash movies and games - use a hit box for all buttons! I hate it when you have to click exactly on the letter for something to work.

Secondly you've missed a semicolon out from the button tutorial - the script should read 'gotoAndPlay (desiredframe);'

Right, thirdly your pausing tutorial is neither descriptive, complete or correct. People who don't know how to use the stop() function will not understand "Put this actionscript in the frame you want to pause". You don't cover resuming and simply putting 'stop()' in the actionscript wouldn't work anyway, as you've missed another semicolon - 'stop();'

Now to your other tutorial, and again you are covering simple topics but skipping on the basics. Make sure your graphic is a movie clip - how? Now make it glow - how?

Its more of the same with the blur tutorial - you're basically saying that you can do things, but not explaining how in any way that a complete beginner would understand

On a more positive note the style is quite nice, and its nice that you've gone to the effort of putting in copyable actionscript text.

Overall there's not enough here, and what is here is so limited that I don't think it would help anyone. I hope you improve in your AS abilities though, and can contribute some indepth and helpful advice in the future, but sorry, this isn't it

rox0rz24 responds:

In my version of Flash (8 Pro), the semicolons are not needed. And, I just started it this morning. I'm gonna update it more and more...

Credits & Info

0.62 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
10:45 AM EDT