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Geography Assignment 2

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Update: Because of all the recent complaints i want to tell you that i talked close to the mic on perpous if u notice marcus has a cheap mic set on his head and he talks relly close it ... for the other parts with the screaming i live with other people and it was like 12:00 in the night and if i screamed it would wake every one up so i had to silent scream relly close to the mic then edit it lol.

in geography we were given the task to write a speech about global warming and i thought thats boring.. so i decided to make a sequel of geography assignment this time about global warming and its effects... more random violence more stupid jokes this isnt just an assingment its the freaking bitch of all sequels... or something.. ENJOY!!



nicely done 4/5

cool one

that was a pretty cool animation. it had a nice concept to it, cool graphics and audio... though the quality of the voices/mic could've been a little better and it was alright to check out..... though where is the first one though... if this one is called 'Geography Assignment 2'?

It's okay

I didn't watch all of it because the sound is really shocking and I couldn't stand it. Try to not get too close to your microphone, and don't talk too loudly into it, or it'll overload and make that buzzing sound you keep hearing.

Otherwise, it seemed okay. Graphics were okay but not great, and so was the animation. The spray can with the sun and earth was funny.

Good work (as far as I can tell)



I was surprised I actually lol'ed irl at this flash! I thought it would be another BLAM flash.

I liked the crossed out LYNX thing blazing earth, rofl.
And the knock knock olololol joke lmao.

But the beginning bit could've been synced better with the voice.
And omg please move your mouth a bit further away from the mic, it gets all staticy and loud.

I don't think anything after the lololololol knock knock joke mattered and it only went downhill from there.

But overall, good attempt.

mgproductions responds:

maybe i should add subtitles what do u think?

not bad,but.....

only one thing that you need to do.... move away from the microphone when recording sound, other than that quiet good

mgproductions responds:

i did that on perpous lol... its like actualy suppost to be like kinda cheap. lol if u dont like me being so close to the mic turn your volume down

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2.90 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
4:12 AM EDT
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