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Millie Megavolte 2

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Author Comments

In the World of Warcraft, a frost mage has run amok and brought ruin down upon Millie's village. Time for some old-fashioned revenge, fury warrior-style!

For more Millie goodness, check out the official website at milliemegavolte.com.


stand still bitch

that was really good all tens. i kept falling off the suspended rock but thats becasue i suk not ur fault so great voice overs loved every thing about it up until i got to the under water boulder in lv 1 ya i no im very bad


So my mains a frost mage....this guy is a gnome war...escape artist and trinket and intim shout ftw.

i didnt make it past the first area cuz i was sick of starting over when stupid stuff happened...plus warriors suck.

One of the best games I've played in a while.

A fantastc game, I loved it. And although some of the hints cam a wee bit too late ((Such as the one saying how you'll die if you fal down a cliff, haha)) I still loved t It was amazingly smooth, fun to play, and just a blast to read what's going on. The story was interesting, and it made it all the better. All around, one of the better games here on NG. Just one hing though, in some spots, when you go to a mountain, or hill, you pass right through it instead of being stoped. A little thing, that shouldn't be worried aout, great game, once again.

Myroid responds:

Most of the little hills and such are actually just part of the foreground. It's a little confusing, I know.

I hate jumping

I hopped my way through the game... literally!

I never had to kill anyone, except bosses.

I have also devoloped acrophobia. Im afraid of jumping now.

Yeah I died that many times, and had to relive it again and again.....

Great game, could use some work though

I like the gameplay a lot, but improve it. Make the normal attack faster, its kind of boring pressing one button most of the time. Make new moves. Heres the new airial move if you like it: millie swings both her swords in front of her that goes all the way to her bottom ( her legs, except a little farther), like half an O (she doesnt hit backwards because thats just cheap). G for when shes walking left, backwards G for right. Make it a little weaker than the normal attack though. For a new attack try (if you want combo, do them together, if you want different attacks, use them seperately) she swings normaly, then she stabbs. then she does fast stabs (sperate form is: normally, normal, stab, power attack and slow, fast attack makes you hit the button repeatedly but its weak though its fast). The rage is fine, although it drops to fast. Slow it down a little (both normal and in berserkerz mode). The enemies should have a little more health if you used my ideas right. Make the 'bosses' in a little 'arena', like most games have it. If you have mini bosses, make them in the middle of the stage. Oh and make a sound off/on buttom, and a key configuration made if you can. Oh and CHECKPOINTS! Its frustrating pressing a button but then you fall (maybe save function if the game is long). Well thats all I have to say. I usually dont write like this long... I only did it because this game is awesome! kthxbai!

Myroid responds:

Nothing is concrete yet, but the next game will have many more options when it comes to attacking.

For any of you reading this, there's going to be a "normal" aerial attack in the next game. If you've played any of the Super Smash Brothers games, think Kirby's Final Cutter (up+B) move.

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
1:14 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other