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It's just a small project I had in mind. But it this lives through the portal, I will make a 2! And I will spend an enormous amount of time on it. Making online scores, and ect.
I hope you all enjoy this, its my first submission.


I thought it was cool

This is a cool game. I really liked the idea of trying to slingshot the ring to get to the other ring. Music was good. Graphics could have been better... but anyway there was a problem. Some of the rings were absolutely impossible to reach.

about the problem

on the if(hittest) script add:
&& !Key.isDown(0) to the f statement. what that does is see if the mouse button is pressed. so the colision script only works if the left click button isnt down.

Leik responds:

Alright thanks for your review!


Just drag the hoop thing over the red things
****<-=YOU NEED TO FIX THIS=->****

Leik responds:

Yes, I was looking at that too. I'm currently trying to figure out how to fix this. The only way I see now, is to.... Well, you'll see in the next game :).

Need some improvments, as in...

...Preloader, Mute, bug fixes (exiting the game combines the music of the game with the intro one) etc...
Also, as you said, make a purpose to the concept of pulling and releasing. On top of all its a good game, yet still a beta.
I plan to make simple games too 9I haven't submitted a thing to NG yet), so I appriciate users who do something with their plans. Keep it up, and you'll have an addictive game...

Leik responds:

Yes, I agree it needs lots of work, which I will release number 2 with everything fixed, and a few more features.
Also, good luck with your games! =).

I had this exact idea

Well sort of.

I thought of this before too, but mine was sort of a defend your base thing, and i notice you have the same problem i had.. when you hold down your mouse on the ball (and don't release) you can just touch all the red circles without ever having to release.

Leik responds:

Lol, yes I plan on fixing this with a sly idea I just though of. It should work fine.
Keep your eyes out for number 2 :D.

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2.31 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
1:06 AM EDT
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