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Click the objects in the correct order before time runs out. It starts out (relatively) easy and quickly gets (extremely) challenging. Although once you complete the game once you will be able to complete it many times quite easily.

Can you complete all 15 levels?



Man that was really intense, i don't know if i liked the music or not because it made me feel like i had to rush more when i didn't have it muted but it did bring a lot to the atmosphere. The game itself was simple but yet still very fun, i did notice that it got incredibly hard to complete levels after just three or four levels but maybe thats because im just not really that fast with the cursor. Overall i loved the idea and the way you changed up the objects in each level made sure that there was always a new and exciting challenge ahead.


good one

that was a nice game. when you said that this one started easy then became more challenging... you sure werent kidding around. it was very very easy at first, then it went from uber-easy to uber-hard almost right away, especially if you arent prepared. this one was a lot of fun to play and your efforts were very nice. good work on this one, i enjoyed it.


The game is pretty fun, nothing much to say.. Nice and clear menu, liked the tips.. Overall: Good :]

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2007
3:48 AM EDT
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