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Tom Fulp: Ace Attorney

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Tom Fulp: Ace Attorney
Tom Fulp finds himself defending Mr Faic in this court battle, his opposition, his own brother Wade Fulp.

All reviews appreciated and responded to.

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You're a genius, the best joke to the "cadny problem" i've seen. The angry faic part was awesome too.

please block out the middle finger its worth 2 stars

screen size

Well made animation , everything is ok but why is the screen size that small ?

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

To fit with the Phoenix Wrong theme

I like the concept... but.

The voices used were kind of sub-par, and the looped soundtrack (considering it's the objection theme also) was overused, particularly since it was before the final pwning objection and not afterwards.

You could also tell by the resolution and animations used that you may have drawn the stuff yourself, but it's very obviously been traced over the sprites, particularly since Ben has Larry Butz's jacket, and all the other characters have their share of copied props, etc.

A lot of the animation was quite rushed as well, as you've not put extra frames in certain places, also because certain words on screen had appeared and disappeared quite quickly.

Also the Judge's Robot voice was completely irrelevant.

I like the story, and the thought put into the case, also some of the voices were pretty funny at times, though I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny or not, it's pretty unclear whether this is a parody or not, due to it's lack of comedy value.

I've given this review a 5 because the good points and the bad points seem to evenly weigh the same as each other.

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

Alright, thankyou for your review.

Yay! ... Nay?

Well i must say this is a very interesting... thing... though it looks like it was all done in paint. i must say it had a silly story line, seriously... over a candy bar? though i must say you made it as interesting as possible, kudos to you!

Little-Seven-Seize responds:

Alright, thanks, lol.