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Match Em Up Deluxe

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Deluxe version of Match Em Up includes animated levels and a more free form level system that starts off far easier than the last version. Enjoy!! Let me know if you can beat the last level, I still can't.

Click on a letter, and then the correct number corresponding to it's position in the alphabet.


Well, what can I say? Another weird game. I am just so more used to ones that are more elaborate. When I look over at "Related Stuff", I see nothing even remotely similar. I guess the music is pretty good. I don't really understand how this game can get so hard for me.

I may have been out of the classroom too long. You do deserve credit for a game that can prove to be challenging. I really do have to recommend it. It seemed like you were looking for something different. Uniqueness always helps.

nice one

a very nice deluxe verison of this game... and some very nice improvements as well. this one had some very graphics in it, it still had the same concept to it, but it was still a lot of fun to play, a nice challenge and your efforts were good.

Great, original idea

THe idea behind this game is a lot of fun. However, I simply went for the last level right from the get go. The objective of the game is not hard, however, the difficulty itself should come from the locational memory of the letters and numbers, as well as the ability to match the correct letter with corresponding number.

When you start making the things pulse in and out, make the bubbles different colors that blend right into the background, and stick a difficult control system in(once you click a letter, you must click a number before you can select again) in, you're taking away from the true point of the game, and just making it a strain on your eyes.

I came close to beating the game within my first five tries, and it was so addicting that I wanted to play more and beat the last level, but the colors and pulsing was so unpleasant on the eyes that I refused to continue.

If you're intent on keeping the pulsing and colors in effect, i would suggest that a further update be focused on making everything much easier on the eyes. also, maybe fix so that you can unselect a letter (right mouse button?), or go from number to letter, not just letter to number.

Other than that, a fun and addicting game.

MaxManning responds:

It's actually not just a game about locational memory, even though that is a factor. It's true point is recognition.

When a letter is rotating, scaling or blending in with the background, your brain processes that in a different way than if it's in a normal orientation. It may seem straining at first, and that's because your brain is not accustomed to being required to do this often.

That recognition time is longer with these visual changes, but can be improved greatly with practice.

Association is also a skill that is being practiced that can greatly improve your time -- when you start equating S with 19 and so on, your times improve.

I restricted you ability to unselect on purpose, as it forces you to find a wrong/right match. Once you have selected a letter, you have committed to finding it's match.

The next version will include other associations such as pictures/icons and possibly even levels that require mathematical computation.


This is a lot better than your first try, very polished and professional. Good job. If only you could come up with a puzzle that was more interesting.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll see if I can find a way to make it more interesting. It's really a brain exercise more than a game. Some people find exercising their body boring, this might also seem boring to some.

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3.67 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2007
10:24 PM EDT
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