Funky Fiddling

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What’s Funky Fiddling? Jonathan Smeby and I found some random sound clips from 60s/70s movies on the Internet we have never seen before. They were strange and cheesy so we felt like animating them.
In other news I’m always looking for voice actors for my Flash projects so if you would like to do some voice acting just go ahead and contact me. Enjoy the movie.

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Neat animation. Definitely an interesting take on those titles =P I agree about the intro being a bit long, but the [SKIP] button in the corner easily fixed that issue.

cool one

that was a cool animation. the intro was a little bit long for this one, but the animation itself was cool to check out.

MarkP0rter responds:

Thanks lot and thumbs up, dude. You must be the most active member on Newgrounds when it’s about reviews. I have seen your reviews EVERYWHERE and I’m certain you already reviewed my other stuff. It’s like you are always there and review everything. You are Mr. Review (I’m wondering if you like Ska- ha). So you are doing a great job on that and thank you. I figured the intro was too long so I added a “Skip” button. The version with the “Skip” button was already online when you watched it though.

Not very good at all

The intro was abhorent. The font was a bad choice, the background colors were a bad choice, the zooming tween was a bad idea, and you tried to make everything you typed look epic and meaningful when it wasn't at all.

The Wild Katze one was an annoying song with the same 4 or 5 animations randomly thrown together.

The other wasn't even really a song but a small dialog sample, and the animation was neither coherent nor humorous.

Even the idea doesn't seem like a good idea. It's noticable that your art and flash skills are at a novice level. At this point in your "careers", I think you guys should try to use your flash movies and tell stories that are worth telling, not mixing some random songs with some even more random ideas.

Omg wild katez, what the heck XD

Oh man the intro will make people wanna punch a child, you must take it out of do a skip button thing. The wild katze thing was crazy.

OMG That was funny

Ok... the intro was a bit long and both of the animations were a bit short, but all in all, that was awesome!
Please, do more! This would make a great on-going series with you two if you're willing.

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3.11 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2007
6:30 PM EDT
Comedy - Original