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First Issue

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In this first episode, the protagonist meets a shadowy hulk of a figure out in the wilderness behind the city and a massive fight ensues! Reviews and comments are extremely welcome. The ISSUE series proposes a gritty new look at comics and their characters. The Second Issue is finally ready for all to enjoy!

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sorry dude...

I like the sin city style, i guess ill let the slow pace in the beggining slide even though we go through all that for you just tell us in one frame what just happened. If your gonna take that long to show something with images you really shouldn't have to explain it afterwards. But that is very minor and only docks you one star down from 10. The only problem I really have with this, is the music choice. Your showing this bloody badass fight scene and the song does not fit at all!. And the fight scene is the bulk of the movie!!!! Maybe you like the lyrics or something? I don't know your reasoning but it completely killed the mood. Shot it dead. Fight scenes need exciting music. I know you might want a certain feeling to come out but you can have something seem sad and serious and still be exciting (Requiem for a Dream is the best example i can think of) I do see potential though for future movies from you. I look forward to watching the other 3 in this series!