Unicycle Balancer

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DailyFreeGames.com Use your mouse to control the movement. Be careful with the wheel, or the dog will fall.


Fix the controls, add a password thing or somethin

Okay. This isn't a bad game visually. Looks real nice. But the controls are just god awful. I didn't have a huge problem with the first level, but after that it all went "downhill" pardon the pun. It is really really difficult to keep the thing on the ground exactly so you don't fall off. ...Even so, that does add to the challenge of the game. But...this game needs a password or a way to retain your progress. I wouldn't mind the game so much but the fact is if you fall off once you have to start over at the first level! Fucking annoying! ...Make like a password system or maybe make it so you have a few lives. Because having to start over every single time you fuck up just ruins the game.

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cool one

that was a nice game. a little bit simple overall, but this one had a very nice and original idea to it with the Unicycle and it was a good way to kill off time.


..but it takes much too much patience to play this. Couldn't stand it. But it has originality and the graphics are sound. Be a little more user friendly.


Not that great. And I HATE games where you have to start from the begining when you mess up. Those are the worst, much like this one


i don't think you know anything about how to ride an unicicle. I myself can du it irl. but this game is too hard, and to unrealistic. no verry good game. its ok I think...

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2.49 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2007
12:17 AM EDT
Skill - Other