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explained how to play blindfold chess.


not bad one

that was an alright chess tutorial. i'm a good chess player, so i really didn't need this tutorial, but it was still good to check out, had some alright pointers in it for people who are beginners or novices at chess.

Nice idea but....

.... it was at one level too basic, just explained what the pieces did. At the other end it explained how to play blindfolded chess, whcich is good for the better players (because obviously you can't keep reviewing the board to see where the other pieces are).

Explaining some tactics to be used with each piece would be good, also maybe you want to think of explainnig some of the set moves used to open a chess game (King's Indian Defence etc).

Nice idea though, an interactive chess trainer is a nice idea.

ô_ò < Needs a little work.)

I happen to be a great fan of chess and I consider myself a pretty strong player, but there is always room for improvement and I can honestly say that I started your game with a positive outlook.

Unfortunately, when I reached the end I found myself feeling dissapointed at what I had experienced.

As far as tutorials go, this was well below average. The bit about visualisation was interesting and maybe that was all you were attempting to convey, but there was definitely a LOT you could have improved on.

Excluding the more obvious annoyances, my two biggest problems were the lack of information and the lack of interactivity. Im not a chess fanatic, but I expect a chess teaching tutorial of any kind to at least teach the player how to set up the board or read notation so he understands what he's hearing when actually playing blindfolded. That expressed, no tutorial is complete without some kind of beginner's level chess program (with which to test the students newly learned skills) and that this did not have.

I hope you dont get to disheartened by the likes of your current feedback and I look forward to giving "Learn chess Version 2" a much higher score than I had to give this one.

Good Luck.

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i disagree with the previous poster

i disagree with the previous poster it was good to make it a game and not a movie, i could not say that i liked it but i did and erm not ;o i'll give it an approval


for sure...this is not a game...you should make a movie with that...with someone explaining on the background.....but yeah..the idea is good....if you are really in helping people play chess you should start a chess school....will help a lot more....

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Mar 12, 2007
11:12 PM EDT
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