Piano 101 (simulator)

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As my 5th educational flash i thought i would make a little interactive game for the piano. Use the letters on your keyboard in order to play the piano. My recordings of my own piano are kinda weak and laggy, so that's a thing ima fix one of these days. Please give any constructive reviews

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i can do mary had a little lamb

you press "i u y u i i i u u u i i i i u y u i i i u u i u y y" and this game is pretty decent


ok what you need is.....
-you need to make the keys in a straight line like (q234wert67yuio90-p[ ] enter)
as the order of the keys.(or something like that)
-you need more keys to hit
-when you hit the keys it delays so fix that
-make the keys move or light up or something
-make the keys straight across
--(p.s. I would by a 100$ and not play that 1 cause thats not worth 5$ no offence but i have a 125$ piano already %u263B%u263A)

Needs a lot of work

For starters, the next time you record the keys on your piano, try to strive for playing them all at the same length and with the same amount of pressure on each key. Put a little bit more artistic thought into the design of the keys themselves. Maybe try to draw it so that it has more of a 3D feel to it (without actually attempting 3D though that would be big bonus points if you could pull that off.) The note that you're missing is the next C in the octave btw. When and if you release a newer version, try to impliment at least 2 octaves (spanning from Q & 2 being C & C-sharp to Insert & End being the B & C keys).

The idea's in the right place, but...

I'm sorry dude, good job trying, but I'm gonna have to give it a 1 ranking. (it doesn't really make poop look good LOL) I just don't see it being a game on newgrounds. Good luck in the future. It's much better than some of the crap I've seen on the "Under Judgement" category. :)

good Idea

Its a great idea but the only thing is that you didn't give it a very large range so you can't really play anything, its not even a full octave. (your 1 note short)

ShrimpFryRlCE responds:

im not sure what note im missing =/ was it another C? well yea, many peeps said it was a good idea but poor execution which there i agree XD but i dont spend much effort on such small projects like this one so it's all good in the hood XD

Credits & Info

2.05 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
5:33 PM EDT
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