Sam Vs. Megaman

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This movie is done at last after a very long time. This is actually the first movie I started and so I just now finished it. Hope you enjoy, sorry the file size is so big, there wasn't any way around it. There are five possible endings.
This is a special tribute to my favorite NES game: Super Dodgeball. A special thanks to my sibs and Radiohead for keeping me sane as I worked on this movie.
I highly recommend right clicking and selecting low quality. I may sync the sound in the future but for now if you want it synched and your processor isn't great, select low quality. Ok I synched the damn trees. Please vote or review, it's the best way I can know where my movie stands. Oh, and when you rate this movie, don't rate it bad just because you're in denial about Megaman being a little bitch. I'm just kidding, I have spent many a long hours playing in succession all the original Megaman games. When I realized I could get more enjoyment out of one Super Dodgeball game than 7 Megaman games with the same plot, I made this movie.
Iron Butterfly rules!


I liked the ending where Megaman kills the bastard

he cant.

where is megamans super attack (besides the gay one)?

and this is good but i have to say to get better graphics.


how the f**k is a man-w***re wearing tight clothes with a ball supposed to defeat a combat robot with an MK12 Buster?

bo to u

well what about the megaman fans and it was kind of boring i mean megaman should kik some volly ball playrs butt

It was alright

I don't see why everyone was saying it was such a large file size. I dled it instantly. I think you should of made them equal, such as not making mega man be a pussy and have to freeze him to kill him. I love of old NES games, they all...MOST of them kick ass.

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2.78 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2001
6:18 PM EST
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