Come Get a Taste.

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movie made in a day. asdf. < 4096 characters.


Hover over Replay? = LOUD NOISES!

Anchorman rocks...

...but this kinda sucked. Too short, and graphics could have been better for such a short movie.

okay one

that was an alright animation. a little bit short and random overall, but it was still okay to check out.

that was good for a &quot;in one day&quot; movie

that was good. if u make another to continue that one plz improve the sound a lot. i had to make my speakers on full just to hear them fully. and try to add some violence plz. i liked the end though. basically i say its u making fun of all the movies randomly getting weapons out of nowhere. its funny. plz try to add some more.otherwise good work! just improve a bunch of stuff on it and its fine!

Gunthiaire responds:

This was the best sound i could find, from a youtube converter.

Is this a test or what?

The animations of the mouth weren't too bad, and the camera angle changes were pretty generic action movie style. The voices were too subdued (or the music was too loud) and the whole thing just kinda ends. No point in its existence.

Well, there was the one line "Where'd you get a hand-grenade?" "I don't know." That was funny. But other than that, not really worth watching.

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2.75 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
4:18 PM EDT
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