Zelda: Armageddon Donut

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As soon as I had finished The Donut of Shadows and posted it on here I started a sequal. I didn't really except to finish it but then I found Wind Waker and played it. I printed a 13 page FAQ to complete the dungeon I had been stuck on for two years, finished the game then felt newly inspired.
As you will be able to see/have seen in the flash the opening intro was sort of Wind Waker styled. This story has a lot more...well...story. I thought about this one quite a bit. It also has quite a few extras (not like people in the background just like bonus stuff at the end)
Anyway so I worked pretty hard on this and I hope that you all enjoy it and Merry...March!

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Well it woz one of the best pieces of work for a little while and issssssss way way way better than shadow donut but i hope the next one could have some arms. Also you could make link and your characters a bit more bendy lol you will definetly get a fish through the post!!!!!!!!! also in your next movie can i be in your credits for no reason in particular

Cosmodious responds:

Thanks. Glad you liked it. The Donut of Reality (the next one) has arms so check that out if you havn't already

good one

that was a very nice sequel from Donut of Shadows. this one was equally as unique and entertaining as the original one was, nice drawings in this one as well, good choices of audio from the audio portal, that gave it an extra boost, and it was a blast to watch.
nice work on this one, it was good. you planning to make more based on this?

Cosmodious responds:

Well I might make more based on this or around this kind of storyline but I might if I feel like it but I don't know

his hand!

HAHA i got it! he took his hand and threw it back to him! it made the characters with no limbs seem better that way. decent animation and music(wink) along with a very original story line. this gets a 5 and by 5 i mean x10 hells yah. keep it real dude and keep up the good work. (makes paying 700 bucks for flash 8 worth it, i think.)

Cosmodious responds:

Lol, yeah the music was pretty good. Thanks for noticing the things and such.

its all right

hmm intresting... 5/5 :)

Cosmodious responds:

Hmm, okay, works for me. Thanks dude.


Dude, that was awesome!!1 Very creative and original, hilarious, and all around awesome. 100000/10

Cosmodious responds:

Sweet! Wooooooo! Dude 100000 out of 10 sweet! It's awesome that you liked this enough to give a review and more so, give an awesome review of it! I know I'm a bit bias because you were nice to me and yes, I am a loser but thanks!

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
12:20 PM EDT
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