Blob in the Tub

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My second newgrounds movie, try to enjoy it :D

Yes, there are a few issues with lipsynch, sorry D:



You had two gems that stood out for me in this, they were firstly the scream the little guy in the tub made which was hilarious and the voices for the characters which i thought were mega cute. I liked the designs for the blobs, you made them bright solid colors and you added nice big eyes. Again about your voice acting, it was just great i don't know if you produced it without any computer enhancements but if you didn't top marks have to be given to you. Overall i would love to see more of these Blobs in the future.


JohnGames responds:

There is no comptuer enhancment besides amplifying =D Thank you for the review and I hope you continue, too

Pretty Good

I enjoyed all the blob videos you made!! The only drawback is the length of them. The voices are sooooooo adorable (considering I did the grandma's voice) maybe I can be more involved in the writing of the next one so we can make it longer.


Yeah, the voices and lip syncing need a tad more work, but the short story's cute. I like the pitch of the voices and the screaming, lol. Ol' Granny was just bringing the shark over.

And, do something about the background.

JohnGames responds:

hmmm, maybe your right about that background thing, the original ides was more of his imagination so things would "pop" in, but I think a more stable background would do nicly :D


This is mastergirk from SA. Saw this and was like "crap, that's good". I need to make more non-clock stuff.

JohnGames responds:

thanks masterqirk, we shal talk on sheezy art :D

That wasn't too bad....

it wasn't too good either though, but not too bad =D. I thought the visuals were really good and the voices were good. I didn't notice much of a lipsynch problem. Only improvement I can see is making it a bit longer. Overall nice job! Can't wait for your next movie.

JohnGames responds:

Thank you, I will work further on humor and lenght :D

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2.92 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2007
12:43 AM EST
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