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Sonic VS. Shadow: First

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A battle between Sonic Vs. Shadow, with some extras, cool songs, and secrets. Can Sonic really be defeated? The answer is...
most likely.

By the way, I forgot to credit Frario for the Amy sprites. So there we go.

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not the best

well it wasn't really that interesting to be honest but excellent animation and good use of sprites though :)

shadow will bet sonic

as soon sonic goes super dark sonic it over for shadow

shadow always kicks sonics ass

shadow always kicks sonics ass! its a known fact yah bitch yah!!!!

its sucks

its not that good as i expected

not bad not bad at all

seems as though u favor shadow-in character ill defeat them both-out char. if u wanna see wat shade wolf looks like then go to sonic character design-copyrighted legally by me just to be safe-and click---head-smooth/brown_hair-messy/
black-mouth_furry/gray/frown_eyes-X/i nside orange outside white_nose-small/black_ears-small/out side brown inside gray_body-brown_belly-chest/gray_arms -smooth/brown_hands-gloves/black around cuffs_legs-smooth_feet-boots/black/so cks white_tail-large half/main color brown secondary gray- and thats shade. hardcore right