Willy The Hut Adventures2

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This is a sequal to my first Willy the hut movie. If you watch the first one it will make sense of this one. This cartoon was made for a friend I know.



I liked this flash a lot, the graphics might not have been great but that didn't stop the material from standing out. The beginning scene when he is stopping the car and all i can see is his arms and feet reminded me of one of the opening scenes from E.T!, i thought the sound was alittle hard to hear though and i would have loved to have been given subtitles to help me out. The car bouncing up and down was priceless but you could have held onto the gag for the length of the song, it was cut off too quickly.

(This review has been Underscored)

TromboneClock responds:

Thank you for that review.


..thats the second time iv'e heard people asking for bans. Yo..this is 2007,..this banning crap is sickening. All art should be voted on fairly. Not sticking up for anyone...just sayin that once you start blammin for one reason, you start a wave of reasons to ban stuff. NG is a site for artists good and bad and the people who love em.Sorry to the artist for using this space but this talk of banning artists pisses me off. Decent flash by the way. Just wish there was a different review when I signed on to see it.

TromboneClock responds:

Thank You. You sound just like me. You can't judge a cartoon if you don't understand it.

PS If you need any help making a small cartoon or want to be a part of my next collaboration feel free to send me a message and I will tell you the subject of the collab. Thanks again for voting on fair hummor.


It wasn't funny the first time, and it still isn't.

You guys need to grow up.

Why tom doesnt just ban people when they submit stuff like this is a mystery.

TromboneClock responds:

Well if you under stood the story line you would see that this is just sheer brilliance. Better than anything you could come up with.


love the not again...... 'bunny' part weeeeeeeee boing boing boing boing lol.....

TromboneClock responds:


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2.73 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2007
5:01 PM EST
Comedy - Original