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*Flash 8 required* New version, fixed highscores, added mines,improved movement, music, graphic changes and extra instructions.
Your computer is being attacked by viruses and spyware! you must stop them with your firewall. If your computer gets hit to much it will be destroyed.
Use space to activate your firewall, beware you only have so much charge. Arrow keys to move.Ctrl drops mines and if they go into them they will also be destroyed.
Enjoy playing :D
www.fuzz-media.com - Art
www.medhopz.livemega.net - coding

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t random numbers rather than intelligence

Played 4 times. I think I got 75,175,550,300 or thereabouts.

Anyway, it's a simple enough idea, nothing new, but I've not seen this particular way of executing that idea before.

I liked the tune.

Found the lack of diagonal control a tad irritating - surely you could've had some diagonal movement, but just halve the speed so overall velocity remains the same, if that was the issue? Not particularly hard to get used to, but just seemed a bit odd and unnecessary.

Keeping fire just seemed to be a case of tapping the button rather than holding it.

I personally felt it would've worked better with more powerful mines. I didn't realise that the green things destroyed the mines but blues diodn't until I spent 30s experimenting. You should've mentioned that in the instructions. Personally, I'd have it so the mines just remain for a while. Maybe even have them blast out a smal radius when they go.

We have few enough.

I think it'd be cool if you put in a few visual rewards, maybe just a 'wave XX' sign, maybe with some flying particles, every so often.

Also, a few times, the fire power-up kinda appeared with half of it off to the left of the screen. Seems a bit bastardly.

It's a competent game, but the lack of fresh content as I played and the feeling that the enemy patterns weren't particularly interesting, with just random numbers rather than intelligence behind their layout, helped put me off.

I had a modicum of fun but got tired of it.

fuzz responds:

Acctually you got 550 :)

But i see your point, thanks for playing and the helpfull review

Good Concept, and great art.

I really like it, it's coded well, with great art and a nice concept. Keep on coding and drawing :).


it was ok

yeah a diden't hate it but i diden't like it its 50-50



i like the idea and the game (im protecting this) but you need to add more pickups, its really easy to run out of fire, good game

fuzz responds:

When you run out of fire you get the power up that re-charges your fire.

Read the instructions for more info you might have missed. :)

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3.56 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2007
7:16 AM EST