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Stick Samurai Part-1

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OK...I worked really hard on this one. Vote fairly. I mean vote 5.^^ I am 14 years old. Just check it out. It should come on the front page!!!!! (or not) But I am hopeing it^^
Just enjoin it. I hope you like it.

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You're only 14? That's not impressive in the least, i'm 13, i know someone 14 that is at Adam Phillip's quality. No one cares how young you are, care to explain to them how you "bought" flash 8?

The flash is not very well done, there was hardly any real animation in it. I hope you improve on the next one.



That was great! Needs a bit of work, but I know that you can work harder ;) Keep it up!

-Izichi Kiyoto

I hope this was a tribute to Castle III...

.......because the character design is a direct rip. If not, it was so close I couldn't stop thinking about Castle III, so that's why style got 2. But hey, I do spoofs a lot so no big deal. Since I'm 28 and just now learning Flash, I may have gave you 8 here, BUT I VOTED THIS A 5 since you are 14. That's impressive!

Very Nice

Honestly I never really liked stick animations.. so thats why the graphics are only a 7. But wow for a 14year old thats really good.
Keep up the good work bud.

Good work

I hope I can be as good at flash as you by the time I'm 14. I enjoyed this toooonz.