Xefijh: part 2

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I hope this will be my best NG submission yet. This took me several months, and i hope it was worth it!
Is the sound out of sync? It might just be my PC, but sorry in advance if the sound's wrong...
Also, I just got Vista installed, so the icon will be in place as soon as I can get myself to install Photodraw!


Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeebus!!

Fair Play!!! you're only 14 years old, and you can already do this!!! gotta keep up the good work... you ARE getting better, too. Best in the series, id say. violence?! well, mark is still in there... Poor mark... Interactivity?! the play button is there for a reason... Humor?! well, mark is still in there... Poor mark... [laughs]
Graphics AND style were pretty damn good, but the sound was bloody loud, even on minimal volume.

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it was original.

I liked the style definitely, but it was very short. I think a little length would have done it justice. The animation was very smooth, so I gave you a 7 for that. You would have scored higher in that department, but it lacked pizzazz. Style is a 9, because like I said it is just very original. That is excellent how you broke away from the norm, and it is not "cookie cutter." the sound was not good at all, so I gave you a 1. You got a 1 for violence because although no one is being violent, he is hurting himself, which to me classifies as violence. There is no interactivity or humor, so I gave you a zero for that. I am giving you a 7 overall because, in essence, I did like it. I think if you make it longer, with better sound quality, also slightly more in the plot department, there is potential in here for a great series. Please don’t stop, I like where you are going with this. I am looking forward to seeing the next one, so long as your skill progresses with the series.


Too foggy, but man am I trippin'

Pretty good style, could have been longer and needs more depth. That's about really.

It was good.

That took you two months though? Hmm...

Well anyways I liked the style, I liked the way it flowed, and i hope to see the next one.

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3.24 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2007
5:19 PM EST
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