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Golden Arrow 3

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A remake of the original Golden Arrow game. Use you mouse you aim the crosshair and use the red circle to plot your shot, this also moves depending on the wind direction.

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Not bad. Could use some more missions though

Add missions...

...and you will get front page for sure. You'll probably get it anyway, but if you add sniping missions with extra points for accuraccy, you will be very happy with the public opinion of it. The control is arcadelike spot on and it's so enjoyable to see how well you can best your high score.

Good game

Verry nice game u made a nice job
I would like to see something with more action like shotin kings guards^^ just something robin hood style something that make the game even mor chalenging


Great start

It needs improvement: more levels, skill modes (easy, normal, hard), options, etc.
Also you could add: movil targets, human targets that shoot back at you, more bonus time, even bonus stages.
This game has lots of potential, try to get all the juice from it.
Im not talking about a sequel, but an upgrade of this very game (like that matrix game that was upgraded 3 times)

"Are You Drunk, Melord?"

Haha, nice little game. I liked the targeting. It was challeging. The grahpics and style are all good. I really like it actually.

The sound is fitting. No annyoing background music for this kind of game. A nice touch with the outburst of claps when you hit a good one.

Theres a few thinks that could have been implented for more fun.

A thing such as a highscore list would be perfect.



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3.35 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2007
3:06 PM EST