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A Phoenix Wrong Tribute 2

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Hey, Kitsunedai here! I present to you my second Phoenix Wrong tribute (A FoxFire Productions production). Originally titled "Another Tribute to Phoenix Wrong", I kinda ran out of room in the title bar.

Oh, also. It's likely this will be my last Phoenix Wrong flash. I mean, I cant really come up with any more ideas. Sorry if I'm disappointing anyone.

Anyway, this one consists of about six scenes (excluding the final replay scene) and contains audio in this order:

Introduction: Investigation ~ Cross-examining (Variation) from Phoenix Wright

Scene 1: The Internet is for Porn - Avenue Q
Scene 2: Bank of Los Santos - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Scene 3: Austin Powers: Gold Member
Scene 4: Law commercial - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Scene 5: The Wanderer - Dion
Scene 6: Boss Battle - Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Replay Scene: J-E-N-O-V-A (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children version)

Enjoy! And I encourage constructive criticism.

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Discord and Aphrodite...

Your Love Score is 42%

Although our sophisticated algorithms say that it won't work out, why not give it a shot? We're sure you can beat probability.


Still epic~

Final battle and replay thing has always had a place in my heart here on newgrounds <3

Kitsunedai responds:

Glad to hear it still does ^-^

Once I can get around to finishing it I'll have a 3 up

loved it

Loved the ending battle..wish it was a game of sorts to see the outcome..over all great job like to see a 3rd come out

Kitsunedai responds:

glad you liked it. I'm actually working on a third right now

The internet is really really great!

Of course, the ending scene cracked me up. Nice work!
(And the 'Wanderer' fit Don Tigre really well xD)

i liked it a lot

btw the replay button does not work

Kitsunedai responds:

thank you ^^ and odd, it worked for me when I hit enter