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I made this a while back, but I'm just wondering what kind of score it might get on here.

It's a cartoon using screenshots from Unreal Tournament as the backgrounds (I first did something like this back in 2003 with a flash called Doomed Assault, check it out here on ng in my "other submissions" box if you like this style)



That was funny, nice style of using screenshots of UT in ur movie... I like UT and that map is a nice assault map which I play alot :)
Make more of this funny shit man and use pics of UT2004 if u have it :P



I don't know about this one to be honest, i did like the odd way you animated and drew your characters but i didn't like the backgrounds they just seemed alittle too out of place for me. The voice acting itself just didn't come off as 'real' too me with too many of the characters sounding the same and no real emotion being put into the scenes but i give you credit for taking the time to include them. The humor wasn't really good to start off with but you made up with the 'hamsters with guns' joke. Overall it just needed alittle more passion in the way each category was carried out.

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cool one

that was a funny animation. the whole plot to this one was pretty random overall, but it was pretty funny and cool voice acting. the voices were a litlte weird, but thats what made this one a lot more enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this

that was really good, well done. the GFX werent that good but they didn't need to be because the style was original the sound was so-so and the humour rating - thru the roof if you ask me, a really good piece of work

Haha! That was really amusing!

It was totally awesome. At first I thought it would be some crappy noob-creation but it really was funny. All the fast-paced action made me wanna watch what happened next.
I loved this! It's actually going to my favorites!
Keep it up, man!

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2.87 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2007
2:06 AM EST
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