Mega-Millions Lotto

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It isn't a game. It's a simulation. I'm not here to be judged, I want you to understand the odds of playing the lotto. Let this sucker run for 1/1000th of a second all night and then see how your bank account fares. The lotto is a scam. Don't pay into it.



lol aparrently i should use the lotto i one on my first try lol

not bad one

that was an alright simulator. pretty easy and your comments sure are true. this one was fun, though pretty simple overall.

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Wicked... and how crazy - I actually did a similar program for a friend of mine who was obsessed with the National Lottery here in the UK. It would play something like 100 times per second... it's a great lesson :)

I like it

I better win the jackpot or it's curtains for you. Would you like them to be regular or satin?

Great idea!

I gave this low scores in most areas, but those don't matter because that's not what this game is about. I gave it a ten in humor cause it's just so FUNNY that my bank account was at $-700 and i had only won $70. Good job.

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2.54 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2007
8:18 PM EST
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