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KFK's Adventures #5

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Karl looks back at one of his many 'Death Ninja' movies. Death Ninja 53: Popcorn Ninjas A' Poppin'!

This is a new series of weekly 'animations' from College University. We've stopped doing the holiday special, and switched over to weekly stories illustrated and narrated by Kung Fu Karl.

**This gives us much more time to work on our regular long episodes**

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I like the idea of 800,000 movies. I think that's more than even exist! Well, they can be short. Ninjas are always cool. Karl really has let himself go. The title kind of reminds me of KFC.

Karl's narration makes it pretty funny. I'm impressed at how many of these there were. I would still want to see "College University" episodes instead. These are still great. I think you just make these now.

kung foo karl is awsome

i love it lol


I love the end! These are great. Simple, yet great to watch.


Asian Hoboboner... Coriagraphed dance... Stunt double man this flick had everything in it. Nice Job. Definitly taking back anything bad i said about this series.


Oh, these flashes are just great, I'm running out of stuff to say about them. I figures waiting a couple days would help, but instead I just have the general remarks. It was hilarious, Karl's great at telling a story, the premise if excellent, the graphics work perfectly, etc. Plus the drawings are a little more consistent, which is good.