BUTTS: Cliffdiver

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We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...


I cant believe i watched it all

This is basicly a song unless you count an ass with legs jumping off a cliff over and over a video.

Adam-Ant responds:

Pretty much

I don't understand...

Unless you're just testing to see if we like the crap you can put on this site, there's no need to submit repetative reggae for us to look at. Why did I actually waste my time looking at this stuff, and why am I reviewing it?

I come on Newgrounds to look for something exciting and new, not to watch some cartoon with arses.

Adam-Ant responds:

Um, it isn't reggae.

Nice bums

Just remember:

Marriage is like Game Boys

Only, you marry the Game Boys

Adam-Ant responds:

why do i have the feeling this is some shitty joke from family guy

im confused.

i really like your style of animation but why so dull and boring? the song sucked but sounded well. but the repitition was nuts. i would like to see your full potential.

Adam-Ant responds:



could have been a little less repetitive, music was ok, bad song but ok. But i do have to say that if the animation wasnt extremely repetitive it would have been good if not great, id love to see something else that has more to it.

Adam-Ant responds:


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2.18 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2007
9:19 PM EST