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Five 'til

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Author Comments

Controls: Prompted On Screen
Five 'til is a collection of HARD tasks that must be completed in 30 seconds or less each. You'll get to descend the elevator shaft, shoot the guards, disarm the alarms, and more. Enjoy! :) -jmtb02

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You cannot land softly on level 2. The helicopter either drops or rises, no way to control a descent. You just hope it thinks that attempt is somehow different from the others.

And the gun doesn't shoot fast enough to take down all of the guards on level 5 until they mob together too close to shoot because they mob all around you. However, the bullets piercing quality has no effect until the mob forms around you, in which case, your gun does not fire fast enough to take them all out in the 1-2 seconds you have. That combined with the gun not being held out in front of you makes this level turn from difficult to unfair.

To sum it up, make the landing in level 2 less strict, or make the helicopter gradually gain speed in its descent. And make either the gun shoot faster in level 5, or lessen the amount of enemies and possibly their speed. Sorry for the length of this message. That is all.

Objective 5 is getting on my nerves. The turn and shoot function is just off

i got a A +

you cant "land soft" on lvl 2

Big first review for me :D

I guess I'll just have to say this game was very inconsistent, it was sort of like the Wario's world games, with just a bunch of minigames piled together, the 1st level was simple and easy, the second level was just a train wreck, at the beginning you get dropped extremely fast without any warning, if you catch yourself you can bring yourself back up, and the landing was ridiculous, a helicopter won't explode when dropped 30 feet and the fact that if you let go of the up arrow 2 feet away from the landing spot = Explosion is quite, well, wrong. The third level wasn't too bad, neither was the 4th, the 5th however, is why I use the term inconsistent, wave after wave came at you, you start panicing as there is no way to stop them, you start spraying by spamming your mouse, but it makes the game lag, and you lose, then the next round started off slower than the first, but then out of nowhere one enemy picked up speed and got me from 40 million miles away, then there's the fact your character is so large with such a small firing point that you have to term him almost 45 degrees just to get the shots off at someone coming in at a different angle, but I digress, the 6th level is simply based upon luck and trial and error, but the 7th level is where I got fed up with this game, the sheer unrealisticness is annoying, what the hell are all these pipes and overhangs doing in the subway?!?! And as it goes consistently with either the low pipes or overhangs, one after another, same one after same one, you build a repetitive groove, then out of frickin nowhere comes the game changer, give you no reaction time AND you are attuned to using the previous option either ducking or jumping, so as an overhang is coming by after jumping 30 pipes and expecting another one, you instinctly hit the opposite of what you're supposed to do, making you lose of course... Honestly, I think this game is overworked, it has a distinct amount of variety but it got me so frustrated I couldn't finish it, games like this are hard and challenging but there's a difference between that and generally frustrating and annoying and this game lies in the gray area of that distinction.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2007
1:38 PM EST