Sonic RPG eps 7

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-Reuploaded at 08/30/2012-
Fixed a few bugs;
Balanced stats in the battles;
Added the newest info about or team;
Added slight effects on battles;
Added link to our Website: www.flash-essence.com;
Improved sound quality.

Update: Thanks for front page one more time NG staff! Can't thank you enough!

Sonic RPG eps 7: Heaven or Nightmaren!

Here it comes! One more chapter of Sonic RPG! This one took me months to finnish, but I hope it worths all this wait!
Nothing to say really, just thank you all guys to keep me motivated to make this series!
P.S. It should take a while to load, just wait a minute.



can anyone tell me how to get into the scene? if you do thanks. this is the best because i love sonic it is my favorite game so thank you.

Actually this one is my favorite lmao. I love this series

This is one of the best RPGs I've ever come across! Why? Because I was actually able to beat the entire thing! Okay, it's technically more of a movie, but you get the idea. I especially love the sprite work. I thought I was doomed with that guy at the beginning.

I'm so impressed at how much better I've become with these games. I guess you could call me a fan of RPGs after all. I'm still not into point and click adventures, though. I thought I was beaten as Super Sonic. I just went back to regular Sonic! Thank you for this masterpiece!

I saw a guide down there from SladeKilla, but I think I have a somehow better guide.

Control the use of your MP to save it for Heal. Just beware when Shadow's HP is lower than 300, and when Nights HP is lower than 700. Start the battle with an Energy Beam from Shadow and a Star Rain from Nights. Keep at basics attacks after, always watching ur HP. When u see an opening for Star Rain, try using it, as long as it saves MP for 3 - 5 more Heals (denpending on Reala's HP). Use Judgement Night and then SP outbreak later on.
As for the Beast, just Attack till Sonic's HP falls too low, and then use the Super Form, use all the Extras and as many attacks as you can. After ur super form ends, use Heal and then 2x - 3x Spindashs and he'll be done for.

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Mar 3, 2007
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