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This is one of my cooler newer clay animations. This took over 600 pictures all together. Its pretty smooth for a 10 frames per second animation. Tell me what you think.
p.s. This time, the work is all mine. I don't know if you read my comment on the Lego Star Wars Saber Fight, but only that submition features my brother editing job. This video is all my work.


really amazing

the best claymation iv'e ever seen I mean it

ha, good one!

I liked this claymation a lot, you seem to be very artistic! I don't blame you for not using a preloader, when I was submitting claymation back in 2005, I also use a program that converts video to flash. But my movies weren't nearly as good as this! The only thing I suggest you do is increase your fps from 10 to 15, it'd look great if it was really smooth!


Doom-Stork responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I'll definitely make my claymation smoother in the future. Untill resently I could only do 10 fps, but I've figured out how to do more.

Its really nice

You made it really cool.
I whould like to see some more of your movies.


It's actually a very nice claymation work.

Seeing as how NG accepts claymation, for some odd reason, I will rate it fairly.

It's still supposedly a flash movie, so you really need to get an auto-loader or make one yourself.


this is one of the best and smoothest clay animation movies I've seen. it look just like you were molding it as I watched it. but there weren;t any hands of course. anyway man I give you this. 5.

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3.22 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2007
3:24 AM EST
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