A Vile Cancer

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A friend showed me a song he made which ironically reminded me of someone I once had to deal with, so I made a cartoon about it. Hey, you can't kill people in real life...


I liked the lyrics.

I quite liked the lyrics/poem that accompianed the song,but not the music. Though it sounds like you need to let this incident go and move on and away from the pain it caused. The animation was pretty good,and so was the style of it all. All in all I gave you a solid 3.

Yeah, I'd have raped his mum too....

Not bad, I liked tthe style alot, i really enjoyed it, if it was a little 'angst-ish'

It's ok i did not enjoy the music. : /

The music is what ruind it try geting a better song work on the animation a bit more and you will have a good movie.

Kaldron responds:

Thanks. I really can't do anything about the music, since its kind of like a music video for it. Unless I got a metal band to cover it and just use that.


Poetic even. I didn't like it too much, but it's definitely good work.
I suppose I just don't like poetry that much...but enough of my tastes.

Good drawing and animation. Not the best by any means, but still good.
Sound was fine.
Style was good in an...artistic sense.

Overall it was good. I'm sure some people will like it much more than others. Keep up the good work.

Nice Poem

The lyrics served their purpose. Very artistic, very deep, a bit disturbing. I'd like to know what this song/flash was inspired by.

Kaldron responds:

Thanks, thats the kind of response I was going for. What was this inspired by? In short, a high school bully who would run to the police and lie every time his victims would try and retaliate.

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2.58 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2007
12:53 AM EST