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30 Second Collab #2

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The return of the 30 second collab, this time it is bigger and probably better, lol. 11 authors, 13 parts and lasting for six and a half minutes. Warning though, some parts contain flashing images or alittle nudity.

I respond to all reviews.
Please do enjoy :)

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oo u touch my tralala... mmm my ding ding dong... lalala lalala lalala lalalalalalala
one of the best collabs ive seen 10/10 definately! and Little-Rena, i like the randomosity (is that a word?) of the city part.

Little-Rena responds:

I don't know if it is, anyway thankyou ;)


hmmmm...... i thought it was funny weird but funny, odd but funny, 30 secondes but FUNNY. lolz nice work


Little-Rena responds:

Lol, well thankyou for that

hey there...

I watch this and I try to pick my favourite, I think it has to be that one where that guy's goin' through the rooms lookin' for someone. ANYWAY, it's good but some mature jokes got in the way, I mean they were fine by me i'm not complaining but there seemed to be little reason for them.
Well, if you guys are n00bs, then I think this deserves a 10/10, wd.

Little-Rena responds:

Thankyou very much ;)

Nice one

I liked it, particularly the Duke Nukem/Angryfaic short (Because they both rock, although Duke Nukem has been way overdue for a new game 'coughdukenukemforever')

The only bit I didnt like were the two shorts involving err, you know what i'm talkinga about. If you have to use cock jokes, you aren't funny. These two shorts stopped this from getting 10/10

Little-Rena responds:

I see, well it is a mixture of artists and what they want to make, so yeah, but thanks.


Wins 5 for Duke Nukem and Angryfaec battling hitler aliens alone


Little-Rena responds: