El Emigrante Cactus Part2

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Wow, daily 2nd, thanks so much everyone who voted 5!

Here you go guys, part 2, when we last left Jose was cornered by the dogs. Will he get past them, or will he get eaten alive? Enjoy!

Note: the language is very very mild


good one

that was a nice one..... though i think the dog taking a whiz on him wasn't really needed, but it was funny.... and it looks like his idea of dressing up as a cactus wasn't too original or swift. Jose is probably never successfully going to get over the border..... he may try, but fails miserably... that's what makes him so cool.

good work on this one.

I've been waiting for these to get front page

You submit them everyday and I've been waiting for them to get front page :)

P.S: Swain is the best flash I have ever seen :) GREAT JOB ON IT!


haha brilliant!

It's alright..

Unusual plot...didn't explain briefly of his actions...maybe inprove graphics to receive higher score

I liked the graphics....

but I don't think this should have been a daily feature. Must have been a weak day.

The questions everyone is asking....

Why does he cross the fence twice? Why are the same guards on both sides of the fence?

If you wonder how I got an overall 3 for review I added up all the scored and divided by the number of scores. I did an average.

Anyway, you know how to make flash. Put more humor and fix those errors and got a perfect flash.

-Tony of MaddFlash

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2007
5:51 PM EST
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