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V-Type Ship Launch

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V-TYPE Ship Launch - The maiden voyage launch of a new type of craft built for battle.

Inspired by the great craft, the R-TYPE, this is my first flash movie. Made in 2 months for my flash course final project.

All the music is from the legendary Sega game: Shenmue.

Update 3rd May 2007
http://www.v-type.co.uk is active! This is a spin-off website I have created based on the ship from the animation. The website was created for my final Dreamweaver assessment.

Update 25th March 2011
Core Run V-Type AstroDodge for iPad is now available from the app store. It features this flash animation as an intro video :)

http://itunes.apple.com/g b/app/core-run-v-type-ast rododge/id424757471?mt=8

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You have done an excellent job so far on "V-Type", and I expect you to create a real game on this with your own storyline, and your own copyright. Make cut-scenes that explain this plot to the players. Also, attempt to make a real movie on this by joining with a movie-making company, and show them your plot, and if they approve, congratulations. And furthermore, make a plot that would fit into a real 2-hour movie, put it on a reel, and watch the ticket sales skyrocket. Anyways, you can tell that I am a true fan of R-Type. I even made my own personal designs. Overall, I'm proud of you.

nice one

that was a pretty good animation... especially the graphics and the plot behind this one. it was a major blast to watch and the idea does have the potential to be a series too.

RyanLloyd responds:

thanks for the review, I am hoping to carry this on further one day.


It's rare to see such skill on these pages.
If this was your first flash then you put alot of other users to shame!

RyanLloyd responds:

Hey thanks a lot for your kind comment. I have been watching newgrounds animations for over 3 years (I created a my new ryanlloyd account recently) and have always wanted to contribute, its great to do so and get such great comments.

This was my technically my second flash movie, my first, if it really counts, was a weather map animation in college. A map of the UK, with clouds floating over it etc. I created this animation for the final project, which was supposed to just demonstrate everything learnt during the course, only I over did it slightly :)

Amen Brotha.

See below.

RyanLloyd responds:

cheers man.

Well done!

I was uncertain about this at first because of the blocky design used for the space station, but I quickly let go of that prejudice. Your work on this piece is absolutely superb and I can tell you put in quite a bit of work in it. The ship was designed really well, and the characters were equally well done, but the ship design and animation is where I can tell that you really put in the effort.

The animation is very fluid and the sound fits very well with the themes. The computer voice could have been a little louder though, as I couldn't quite hear what it was saying, but this is balanced out by the fact that it is reading out what's printed on the monitors.

Voice acting is believable and, while it isn't stupendous, it is well done.

Musical choice is where a flash makes or breaks itself for me, and you made perfect choices for it, that's why I'm giving sound a 9 instead of an 8, as I was originally planning on doing. The decision to go with an ambient sound track rather than anything over the top fits the theme very well.

Interactivity, violence and humour get zero because there is none present, but this is merely an animated movie, so I'm sure you understand the logic there.

Overall, I give this an 8. If you ever continue the storyline, you'll definitely find me at the front of the line because I really like where you're going with this.

RyanLloyd responds:

Thanks for a great review!

The space station was the very first thing I drew, most of which was done in class which is why it was simple. Then only have lo-res monitors at college so its hard to draw on them :( Everything else I drew at home, mostly on paper then scanned and traced.

Thanks for your comments on the music and voices, I think it turned out OK, took a while playing with the sound effects to balance them with the music, as they would blend alot.

I am hoping to follow this up with a game, and maybe and animation (if I can save up for tablet!).

Thanks again for your kind comments.