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Soul-Driven Casting Call

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I've done a few animations since my last Soul-Driven entry and I'm finally ready to start the series- I just need voice actors! Refresh your memory with this and the other trailer- I kept it short because I want Episode 1 out by the end of March! Stay tuned and make sure to e-mail me!

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good one

that was a very nice animation. a little bit short overall, but this one had some very nice graphics... very impressive indeed, cool audio, some nice characters, it had an interesting and original concept/plot to it and it was a lot of fun to watch. this one definitely shows a lot of potential if you continue this one onwards.

Glad you're still working on this.

I remember reviewing your first trailer for this a while ago and liking it. I was hoping that you would get around to making it more than that and I might be contacting you about voice acting... I've not decided yet.

As for the flash, it was very well done and you're animation has improved a lot from the last trailer. It's looking pretty good and the addition of good voice acting could make this great.

Interesting idea...

And one that needs to be emulated. I wish flash artists who want voice work for their animations would copy this idea. I know of one other artist out there who provided an example of what he wants to do. The animation also served as a recruitment offer.

As for this cartoon itself...

Absolutely superb. The animation and style are both fluid and unique. The music choice fits the theme, harp-filled and medieval. An adequate solution for a fantasy setting.

I will contact you to take you up on your offer.

A new worth plan.

Very nice animations, very smooth and well drawn. It is, as has been said before, a very inventive and effective way of getting voice actors. I wish you luck in getting some, you might even hear from me if I allow myself to do it. Keep up the great work and you'll attract anyone you'd need to hit it big one day.

Liquid-Blue-Gecko responds:

Thanks to everyone for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Just to put it out there again, my e-mail is LiquidBG@gmail.com. I'll be sending the sample script out soon!


I think gabrielX missed the point. Anyhow, that was a creative way to cast. I'd help but I can barely stand my voice in my own videos. Good idea though. Your story seems interesting and your animation seems fluent. I think you've got a winner in the making.